360Plus Consult advises companies, investors and banks in the implementation and realisation of geothermal projects. Interdisciplinarity, plurality and discourse characterize the 360Plus Consult team. We cultivate a wide range of opinions to find the best solutions to problems. Our approach is structured and systematic and our consultants know what information from geology, geophysics and drilling technology is required to pave the way for success in project planning.

Project management

360Plus Consult takes care of your interests during the project implementation and represents them vis-à-vis authorities and contractors. We are looking for solutions that are successful and economical for our customers in the long term. We implement a milestone-based project process that systematically reduces uncertainty and limits risks.


A better understanding of the subsurface has the highest impact on cost reduction. We use state-of-the-art methods to explore the subsurface, to find the sweet spots for geothermal projects and to identify highpermeability zones in the reservoir. We apply modern geomechanics to optimise the wellbore trajectory and to drill safe and economically to the target.


For a longterm maximum production from geothermal reservoirs 360Plus Consult uses multiscale methods for reservoir characterization from seismic to outcrop analogues and well logs. Reservoir models help to describe the architecture of the reservoir. To understand the flow in the reservoir we apply hydraulic tests and reservoir simulation tools. To maximize production our reservoir simulations help to target infill drilling in mature fields.